Thursday 4 September 2008

Bond has license to kill taken away...or something

Wanted to laugh while looking at this piece of "news". Basically for those too lazy to read the link...

Their are complaints about Bond holding a gun on the new posters of QOS (I'm not putting the full title up, it does sound silly then again...octopussy?).

Now Censoring films is one thing (bonds had headbutts taken out of films in the past) but the idea that the worlds most famous fictional spy isn't allowed to walk around with a big fuck off machine like he owns the place is near sacrilege.

I'm kinda sick and tired of people trying to control everything that we see and/or do because it might "harm the kids" etc. I mean I've watched all sorts of films filled with various degrees of killing all my life and the only violence I want to unleash is to ass clowns to wish for it to be banned. Now they wish to move onto NON MOVING IMAGES.

I'll have a word with Spielberg see if he'll put in a walkie talkie for them. Below is a poster done over 40 years ago when kids could tell the difference between poster and fucking reality.