Sunday 19 April 2009


So I've been extremely lazy with my blog and because of it I STILL have placed my dammed utd review up yet! So for now. Lets just say it's good and move on.

So the biggest thing to hit the net in the movie world lately is of course the final trailer of the new Harry Potter movie. Not my favorite franchise (work at a cinema and try interacting with those asshole parents and you'll see) but I understand it's value to it's fans.

So even though I gave up watching the movies at film 4 and gave up reading the books at novel 1, I feel that I'll take a look at this final trailer because hey it's "darker" (darker being the most overused word for this franchise).

To be honest (sorry fans) I really can't see what all the fuss is about. Maybe because the Potter films have been going on for what seems like forever, or maybe it's just that I felt some of the trailers for the earlier films were put together a little better than this one, but I can see myself avoiding this film due to lack of interest and the vast over hyped crowds that WB bros have craftily kept tightly wound for almost a year. It's bad enough that there's a 70% chance I may not like this due to my experiences with the other films but the idea of sitting in a full cinema full of ADD affected kids, miserable parents and blinkered fanboys (read: fangirls) may not be a good thing either. But to all those who will go out this summer to see it. Have a good one! (Note for once I'm not being a sarcy bastard as these films are good for the Brit film industry)