Friday 20 May 2011

Thanks and other articles

This entry is merely a brief thanks to everyone of you who visit this small space on the web. I started this blog  almost three years ago as a past time of sorts, and didn't expect too much. However since it's beginnings to now; this past time has allowed me to write for other people, have various interesting chats with film lovers from all over and it may be one of the reasons why I work in T.V Media right now (it was mentioned in the interview).

This is a thank you to all whose stopped by. I truly appreciate very one of you guys, even if you disagree with my views.

With this said I feel now is a good chance to whore myself even more! If you have been following the site and enjoying my ramblings, you can also find me spewing word vomit at these places.

Geek Planet Online - Catch me at The Film Pitt or listen to me on The Cinematic Dramatic Podcast
Filmshaft - My most recent article has been about Pirate Myths

Last and not least a big thanks to Matt Dillion, Gillian Coyle, Dave Probert, Craig Sharp, Martyn Conterio and long suffering podcast partner Iain Boulton. It's the passion inside us that keeps us doing what we do and I'm glad to share such a ride with people like yourselves.

Byron Pitt will return in his next review: Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides.