Thursday, 23 February 2012

The British Film Bloggers Circle

As mentioned in my previous post yesterday, I've been picked as one of the bloggers eligible to vote for the British Film Bloggers Circle Awards. The winners will be drawn over the weekend and the list of nominations is here.

What I forget to mention, is what the British Film Bloggers Circle actually is! 

Here's some quotes from Laurent de Alberti, writer at Filmland Empire and one of the Circles founders:
"Spare a thought for  us, poor bloggers, tirelessly spending unpaid hours trying to share our passion and enthusiasm for cinema with the world, all this while being looked down by less charitable, well established journalists... Unlike what that infamous lines from the (godawful) Contagion stated last year, blogging is more than just graffiti with punctuation!"
"An initial idea formed from the lack of community, respect and standards within film blogging."
Now, the fact that I've been asked to be part of this group of  talented writers is is flattering. Unfortunately the mere fact that they've asked me; with my ridiculously low standards and respect for most things, negates their faction as complete insanity. However, as I'm a part of it, I will do my best to take it down from the inside. Especially as I was a big fan of Contagion.

Here's a link explaining more about the circle

As stated in the link a website is to follow.