Wednesday 10 October 2007

Woman in a lead role? You better Warner Brother

It's been two days after this article and blogs everywhere are rife with outrage. Much has been said about the article and here will be no exception.

It's been two days since the first blogs reported this and it seems that now the WB is on damage control stating that its president did not say such terrible things. Lets be honest with ourselves right now. It may be a blogger taking a statement out of context or an oafish head of a studio (see smug picture) with a very shorted sighted and imbecilic viewpoint of why a few average looking movies didn't make the grade but I do believe something dumb must of been said.

We as bloggers write for many reasons but one of them is simply to get read and to get seen. Now in looking at the Deadline Hollywood Daily and it's blogger. I don't think Nikki Finke has to do to much to get read. She's not like stragglers like me who'd love to get just ten readers a day. So if she was to make something like this up Warner could take her to cleaners easily. But they haven't.

What will happen? A few statements stating that the comment weren't said will arrive this week. Warner Brothers will still release pictures with female leads for the time being and wait for the situation to blow over. And of course, like all big studios, they will be far too important to do anything to make them appear more caring to anyone offended.

But lets look two of the main supposed failures in question. The Brave One and The Invasion.

To be completely honest. After watching this trailer the film looks a lot like an retread of Micheal Winner's Death Wish. To add to this, the film also had to do battle with the eerily similar Death Sentence which came out two week earlier. The trailers do nothing to try and show any differences between the two films other than one has a woman in the lead and one has a man.

To add to this. Observing as many opinions as I could in the short amount of time before having to go to bed and then back to work. both critics and film goers didn't mind the film depending on where you go. If you go to the rotten tomatoes web page you get a middling average, while the imdb gives off a different picture. same with metacritc....actually hang on a minute....go back one. the imdb......yes NORMAL PEOPLE are enjoying the film....isn't that what a studio wants?

In fact the film reviewed better than Death Sentence but flopped....well after watching a revenge movie that didn't work, not everybody may want to see another in such a short space of time....even if they love Jodie Foster.

The FORTH remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. A film which went through a massive rewrite (The Wachowskis) and a new director (their mate James McTeigue) re-shooting much of the film. Now this reminds me of when a studio wanted to bring The Exorcist up to date after it's successful re-release in 1999. Remember? When they got a director (Paul Schrader) to make a prequel. Then they didn't think it was bloody enough for the backers and hired another director (Renny Harlin) to shoot the same film but "different".

Now look at who the producers hired first Paul Schrader the guy who made films like Blue Collar and wrote the seriously twisted Taxi Driver. For him to make a horror film it's going to be a more more grounded look at horror. good fire him and get in the guy that lost a shit load of money with Cutthroat Island and bankrupted a production company....but that's another story.

Schraders film was limited release while Harlin's flick went widespread and only made it's money back with it's overseas box office.

Now who owns The Exorcist series....yes.....thats right FUCKING WARNER BROTHERS. The dudes that got a fuck load of money from The Exorcist...twice. A film that earned it's two main female stars Oscar nominations (not that awards are important two these people but the money sure is).

Back to the point. Original director: Oliver Hirschbiegel. Director of the Somber Downfall detailing the last hours of Hitler.

New Director: James McTeigue director of comic book adaptation V for Vendetta and assistant director For The matrix films.

Lets look at it like this. I want a picture of a domestic cat. I get someone who doesn't mind drawing cats but would rather draw dogs to draw it for me. He draws a cat which isn't to my liking. I get someone who likes cats but I want him to draw I tiger over the first get a mess. That's my overlong metaphor and I'm sticking to it.

Er....Byron...the point?

Point being (sorry) in looking at the high hopes of these movies on the back of a load of shoddy summer blockbusters, bad marketing, naff planning...your not going to get much. It doesn't help by placing solid actresses in bog standard films. Both Kidman and Foster have won Oscars, both like to diverse into projects that suit them and both aren't your usual Hollywood fodder.

If you want place Jodie Foster in a revenge movie. Don't place her right next to another revenge movie. Especially if that other revenge movie has a director that has come of the back of a very successful horror series. Death Sentence is directed by James Wan who is partly responsible for the Saw Series (forth one on its way). Death Sentence also has that fact plastered on it's advertising. Now no offence but not that many people in middle America are gonna watch the brave one because "the guy who did in the company of wolves did it" and hell...I own that movie.

Nicole Kidman is not really the woman that I'd pick for a film like The Invasion. But like fuck it's her fault that the film can't pick a writer, let alone a director.

No matter what, something was said and it has been broadcast. To be honest Warner Brothers will be fortunate enough not to lose half of their Harry Potter sales on a boycott. But hey, we still have to watch movies at the cinema in a regime in where if your actor whose name isn't Morgan Freeman, Will Smith or Denzel Washington your black ass ain't getting no leading role....unless you can rap.