Tuesday 17 June 2008

Stan Winston & Sydney Pollack R.I.P

A big fair well to Stan Winston who passed away with multiple myeloma two days ago.

This is a double blow to cinema with the recent passing of Sydney Pollack who died 11 days ago.

Both will be sorely missed.


Checked out the cool little blog site Cinema Suicide and had a look at a news article that I tried to ignore before but had to bitch about. Bloody Disgusting Article.

Why the hell is I spit on your grave aka day of the women aka piece of shit movie being remade?

To those who have never seen or heard of this infamous B-movie here's the story. A girl is writing a book at a log cabin. Three wankers come along and rape her (for ages). They laugh about it. The girl takes revenge. Oh and one of the guys penis gets chopped off...

That's it....oh and it's not filmed very well

The rape revenge a sub genre that can be extremely exploitative, but also one that when done correctly can provide intriguing and extreme viewing when done right. If the film deals with it's morals and theme's correctly then you have an interesting piece of film. Many cinema goers love to investigate the grey areas that can lie within such films.

I spit on your grave does fuck all in terms of interest (amateurish filming, shit actors, crap dialogue...etc) and is extremely exploitative. Some have tried to argue against it...but really? I think the director (Meir Zarchi) knew what he was doing when he made it. I mean who Else's' film has the grand-niece of Buster Keaton being raped and sodomised? Good times.

Why a remake? Gasper Noe has already done this material better, with actual themes, better actors and an actual point 6 years ago. Just re-release that?

"Nope we gotta take an old badly made film remake it with Hollywood gloss and give rape to the kids"

Well played guys.