Wednesday 26 August 2009

xXx 3 has a director

A quick skim on the interwebz has allowed me to find out that xXx 3 has a director. It seems that Vin Diesel is doing his best to dreg up franchises that pretty much died on their arses a while back. The first xXx was pretty forgetable for me and I didn't bother with the next level so could this return be worth myself watching?

The director Ericson Core hasn't got a big film catolgoue in terms of direction but as a cinematographer he's been in charge of such faves as Daredevil. Ok so yeah that's a bit unfair, as he was also part of another Vin franchise The Fast and the Furious, one which despite having a huge cliched story, had some great stunts captured by Core.

But with so much time past, will anyone care about this? Considering the box office of Fast and Furious, answers may point to yes.