Friday 22 August 2008

The Sweeney.....The Sweeney!

Nick Love's Big Screen adaptation of The Sweeney has been cancelled due to the studio worrying about the oversea audience for the extremely British film. Judging from the 7 people that made comments on the empire news page...then it's no big deal. But that's 7 more comments than myself at this moment isn't it!'s the link

I'm not really surprised by this as Nick Love makes BRITISH films for BRITISH people and Football Factory, Outlaw, and the other Danny Dyer infested pieces of shit he's made haven't really made noise across any borders but our own.

But hang on a minute...a British crime film....that won't make money aboard? I have two words for you...Guy Richie.

I don't give a rats ass what anyone says. Richie is a competent Brit director who made more money with his first two features then Love has with all his movies put together. The Sweeney sounds like a premise that would be worth a watch under Richie's hands. He has a strong visual style, can tell a story and would be able to gain the "star quality" the studio are looking for. However in say this it seems that Fox wants an American in a lead role to "win the market".

To add to this talks for the second lead role seemed to have faltered. I say...ask John Simms.