Friday 1 May 2009

Russell Brand to become Fred (Drop Dead Fred Remake)


I have a love/hate relationship with Russell Brand. I had work experience for a company and people HATED him. Mostly because it seemed the fame had got to his head and he kept fucking around with said company (who were paying to get him in).

I'm not a massive fan of his comedy and find it quite bland, and I don't find him as outrageous as people would like to think. Compare him to this guy:

Yeah...that prank call? Nothing compared to that.

However his performance in Forgetting Sarah Marshall was pretty damn funny. It seems that give the man the right material and he seems more then bearable.

So I found some news on the net that Brand may be in talks for Universal's remake for Drop Dead Fred.

The film was a critical and commercial flop but became a cult hit with quite a few fans (me included). Now the idea for a remake of this film is a good one in my eyes. The film is dated, didn't do too well and could easily find a bigger audience now that attitudes and tastes have changed.

I will say that Brand as the titular Fred? Seems a bit lazy to me I would rather Nick Frost instead:

I reckon Frost as the imaginary Fred would be hilarious. The humor would be different as well as opposed as the easy option. With this said the makers are stating: "The take for the new "Fred" is to make a film in the tone of "Beetlejuice," building a universe around the concept of imaginary friends. Brand would play the trouble-making pal."

Brand and Beetle juice? If written well then this could be quite amusing.