Sunday 3 August 2008


After some net surfing and exploring. I stumbled on the quirky, British website named the Den of Geek which listed the shedload of remakes/sequels that will be flooding our multiplexes in the next two years. I won't list them here but here's the links

I haven't much to say about this. I've complained about remake/sequels before on this blog. But I'm surprised at the volume of these re-imagings or whatever you call them. I'm even more surpirsed that most of the original films for the remakes haven't even hit 30 yet before they've been taken in for repackaging. Bit scary to say the least. The sequels on the otherhand....well, most of them are just badly realised. I mean I am legend 2?

This blog post is really just a heads up to say I will be posting quite a few reviews hopfully by the end of the week as I've been lazy. So keep em peeled if your interested.