Wednesday 12 September 2007

Reason's why I'm not a Tim Burton fan

I don't hate the guy....but I can't say I love him either. No doubt any true lover of the man who just happens to stumble on this blog will bitch about how ill informed I am. Fair times I hate it when someone has a different opinion than myself too.

1. His ego:

I hate it when people bitch about Quintin Tarantino or another young up and coming director/writer and their egos. However most if not all Tim Burton films are about him. And it's usually kooky Gothic loner crap. From Beetlejuice to Sleepy hollow Ichabod Crane. "oh I'm such an outsider!" He screams achingly as he cast Johnny Depp again to play yet another version of himself. Even the passable yet over rated love letter to hollywood Ed Wood is just another reason for Mr Burton to scream "LOOK AT ME!" Film Directors have always placed their passions and desires and fears on screen and we see Burton's love letter to himself every time. That's why you see Depp in the role thats clearly about the director. He's the gothic loner type with this bizarre/kooky talent the same way M Night Shamalamadingdong is going to save the world from wicked critics with his films. Not a bad thing I suppose, all directors do it. But look how lambasted guys like Spielberg get when they do it. But at least Spielberg has range.

2. He gets away with Batman Forever:

Quite simply. Joel Schumacher takes a lot of stick for his' two batman films While Burton (a producer for Batman Forever) gets away scott free as his two batman films were considered "brilliant". A. He had a producer credit on the film so he could have stepped in. you can still clearly see some aspects of the first two Batmans in Forever while you see none in Batman and Robin. B. His batman films weren't really that great. But that's what you get when you hire Burton whose notorious for disliking Comics (lil more on that later)

3. Henry Slick gets no credit:

I've never wanted to see a nightmare before Christmas and I'm far too old to really give a toss (it seems like only kids and 20 something girls enjoy the film)But Tim Burton's name is plastered all over a film that was directed by someone else. Worse thing is when someone states they're not a fan of Tim Burton that first thing someone says is "WHAT!?? NOT EVEN A NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS!" Yes I know he had a crap load to do with it etc etc but Spielberg had a shit load to do with The Goonies and Back to the Future and Donner and Zemerics get enough credit respectively.

4. Spooky Trees (looky-likey films):

Don't mind a bit of gothic horror. But his love for hammer horror and german expressionism has got to the stage where angry imdb boarders clutter up good web space denouncing fun little films like Lemony Snicket because "Burton would have done it better". I will say he has made the goth look his own (to a point). An example would be Sweeny Todd, his new film, which doesn't feel that much different from the borefest that was Sleepy Hollow... The story is different but once again we have a kooky outsider thing with spooky trees everywhere and Helena Bonham Carter/Johnny Depp (either or depending on the film) looking glum. I think the reason why I love Big Fish (one of his more derided films) more is because he took more risks with that film than most of his others. You could see that throughout that film.

5. Willy Wonka was not a pedo:

Johnny Depp plays Wonka like Mike Jackson circa late 90's. Burton doesn't reign him in because he thinks that's how it should be played. It never felt like that in the book. It didn't feel like that in the first film. Why do it now? Plus with such a blatant child toucher why is it that the buckets let him come near his children? If you had to shit on my childhood Mr B you could have at least put Christopher Walken in the role.

6. The Kevin Smith Beef:

Yes. you can see the film web geek in me now can't you? If you watch the DVD an evening with Kevin Smith you will hear a tale involving Planet of the apes, a comic book and Tim Burton allegedly being an arse. Now I've only heard one side of the story, it's smith side clearly. But he argument is funny and sounds truthful ya know? Read a little about it here: However it is wikipedia so it's best to watch the DVD.

7. He fucked up Batman:

Going back slightly. While his style really suited Batman (credit where it's due)His disregard for the material can clearly be seen from his treatment of the main character. He doesn't read comics (he's mentioned this more than once)But spies a "kooky" character in The Joker and away we go. Taking the shift of Keaton's Bruce Wayne/Batman and placing more focus on Nickleson mugging to Prince songs....however I can't remember Keaton being good in either film he was that forgetful/overshadowed.

8. She auditioned for the part? She got it?!?!?! What a surprise:

This is just me being an arsehole now but I do think when your fucking the director and you've been in the last four films of've got a good bet on that Sweeny Todd role, singing or not..

9. Planet of the apes:

Not just the ending.....The bland action, the naff casting (Estella Warren anyone?)The dull story...and yes the bloody ending. Tim Roth was awesome to give credit but Planet of the apes....Yeah...what the fuck was that about?

Honorable Mentions:
Batman Returns: Don't think it's as good as other make out.
Beetlejuice: Uneven in places and not as fun as I remember
Edward Sissorhands: I really tried to like this but I just felt "meh" at the end

Counter Point:
I have always found things I've liked in his movies but other aspects usually bog them down. Films like Beetlejuice were fun when I was younger but I found myself extremely bored during the first half after watching it again. However my enjoyment of Big fish will always get me thinking wanting to watch his next film. I do look forward to Sweeny Todd.
Also while I'm not a fan of his ego, I do believe it's important that good directors have a good amount of self confidence.

Overall....I may become a fan one day, but lets see what the future holds.