Tuesday 4 December 2007

Is it April Fools day?

Walking around today I walk past a T.V and see that Christian Bale is going to star in the new Terminator film. "Not a great idea" I say to myself. I mean the dead house that is the franchise should really stopped being flogged so its hooves can be used for glue.

I walk on and I forget about it. "Not enough info for a blog entry" I say to myself and think no more of it.

I get home. I am run down and completly knackered but I have more than enough energy to warm up my casserole and check the net for any interesting film. I do find some news..... however interesting is not the word I could use.

I read in a mixture of amazement, shock and disgust as I read that the Terminator movie is being made by McG!! All the energy drains from my body and all the colour drains from my face.

Mc fucking G!?

So who was drunk at the wheel when they decided this?

Oh it gets better......

The two writers also wrote that classic hit........CATWOMAN!

How bad can this movie be?

I'm guessing this may depend on how much you like Terminator 1 & 2 to T3:Rise of the machines (the writers wrote that also) and Charlies Angels 2: Full Throttle. (I'm guessing not too much)

Somewhere James Cameron is crying underwater.