Monday 28 September 2009

A Nightmare on elm street trailer.

If you can't see the trailer go here.

Although some of the worlds greatest films have been remakes or reinterpretations of an original text (See the trivia of The Seven Samurai or The Hidden Fortress and see what movies they became by Hollywood), I''m always a little skeptical of the modern remake. They usually appear to be a regurgitation of the original story, while missing the important moments which made the first film so effective. Even the hills have eyes remake, a film I really dug missed the message that Wes Craven crammed into his brutal 1977 film.

Craven, synonymous with the horror genre, gave his blessing to the director of the 2006 remake, however his name is mostly missing from here. Reason? He doesn't own the rights to his most influential work.

A Nightmare on elm street (and perhaps New Nightmare) is for me the Gem in Craven's work. Inventive, dark, twisted and with a morbid sense of humour which almost ruined the series until the aforementioned New Nightmare.

Ignoring the Micheal Bay production credit, This new nightmare appears to have hints of what made the original so entertaining for me. The effects we have now should improve the admittedly dated effects while the shots show that they wish to keep the original narrative, iconography and themes intact (we hope). Personally I can't wait, and although I was a little underwhelmed by Jackie Earl Haley's Freddie, I was more than excited by everything else.

Good times I hope!