Wednesday 22 April 2009

Catholic League hate Angels and Demons, film not out yet

I was reading the imdb today and tripped over a news article today were Ron Howard has accused the president of The Catholic League (William A. Donohue) of leading a smear campaign against the summer blockbuster Angels and Demons.

Article is here.

I did a little bit of Youtube searching and found this:

Now I don't know about you fellow readers but watching Mr Donohue in action has led me to believe he's a little bit of an extremist to me. He also seems to be one that is missing the point of Dan Brown's book and Howard's film.

I went to the Catholic League website and found this article.

Donohue states that the details in Brown's Book are stated as fact and are wrong and rules both as propaganda.

Now anyone who has read/seen The Di Vinci code can tell that Brown's tales are no more than flights of fancy but what makes Donohue's attack on Angels and Demons so amusing is HE HAS YET TO SEE THE FILM.

I also find the last paragraph the most fascinating:

“Howard must be delusional if he thinks Vatican officials are going to like his propaganda—they denied him the right to film on their grounds. Moreover, we know from a Canadian priest who hung out with Howard’s crew last summer in Rome (dressed in civilian clothes) just how much they hate Catholicism. It’s time to stop the lies and come clean.”

Donohue doesn't state anything about this priest in any detail, yet demands the filmmakers to stop the lies...k.

Now no offence Will (can I call you Will?) but your argument to me almost feels like an archaeologist yelling about the inaccuracies in Indiana Jones. Howard is stating out loud that A&D is a work of fiction, however your catholic league can't even bring about any facts about their plain clothed informer.

Mr Howard, I'll be in line for your film and as long as it's not as not as dreary as The Da Vinci Code. I feel many other people (some catholic) will be in line too.