Wednesday 29 April 2009

David Lynch + Danger Mouse = mindfuckery

+ =

Yes I've invented the word mindfuckery, and even though no spellcheck "gets" the word but should be allowed to be used after hearing this

The Main Article is here but basically...

David "ideas are like fishes" Lynch (follow his twitter) and Hip Hop producer Danger Mouse are collaborating on a new music project. The collab is with a host of other musical talent (Black Francis of the Pixies and The Flaming Lips to name a few) but the main surprise for me has to be David Lynch the creator of Mullholland Drive and Eraserhead and this piece of what the fuckery(catching on?):

Yeah exactly. David Lynch mixing his mind with a guy whose music videos can look like this:

Now I'm a fan of both....something tell me that these two getting together: end of the world.