Friday 5 September 2008

Dynamic Duo

What a movie idea! I mean really, I'd never of thought of it. Hayden Christensen and Paul Walker in a movie together!?!?!? Amazing call off the 2009-10 Oscars! Because Bone Deep (Yes the name of the film) will win everything and break records

What the Fuck? When I first read this I thought it was April Fools Day and I fell into a time warp when I got off the tube. Who'd the fuck would want to see this? The article where I found this atrocity even tries to place these "actors" in a good light!

"Walker was actually pretty good in fare like Running Scared and Roadkill, and seems to do pretty well when he’s not just being a pretty boy with rock-hard abs. Christensen, of course, is still struggling to escape the Star Wars type-casting tag, but he showed promise in Shattered Glass, so let’s hope that is consolidated here."

Hummm... That's far too much praise for a couple of good looking yet underwhelming actors (Good Roadkill and Running scared shouldn't be in the same sentence). But I'm sure director John Luessenhop (director of little seen independent Lockdown) will give these two jokers plenty of screen time to gaze blankly at each other.