Sunday 29 March 2009


So the "Where the wild things are" trailer has finally been released and it's looking sweet. I don't review kids films for a few reasons but here are the main ones:

  • Childrens films are review proof: Say anything bad about a kids film and adults don't care....that poor bastard is gonna watch the secret of creampie or matter how boring it is.
  • Pixar are the only person who seem to give a damn: Although Dreamworks are doing ok, they still believe getting stars in for the voice overs is the right way to go....and thats why Finding Nemo is beautiful movie that panders to childs sense of adventure and keep adults interested and A shark's tale is....well bollocks.
  • Kids don't know what's fucking good for them: Your kids are fat for a reason and that reason is sweets and television. Period.
Then something like this comes along and I shut my mouth. The choice of music, the visuals, the themes...yes all that in two and a bit minutes:

Spike Jonez imagination + best selling children's book = film worth seeing.