Wednesday 4 February 2009

Christain Bale is insane...and I LOVE IT!

More evidence that Christian Bale has lost his mind came up this week. After allegedly assaulting his mother last year, a four minute taped rant surfaced of Bales "antics" towards director of photography Shane Hurlbut during the filming of Terminator: Salvation. The rants has been said to have taken places a few days before his 2008 arrest. This says to me Bale was under a a shit load of stress. No excuse for chewing out the film crew...but hey....he's the goddamn Batman.


The reason why I love the fact that Bale is slowly going batshit insane is due to the fact that THE BEST ACTORS DO! From Brando to Kinski, all the great actors are mental, intense nutcases who are one coin flip away from killing someone. I expect that from actors, if your not...your not doing it right.

In fact in listening to the rant (until near the end where Christian is just fucking harsh) I understand what Bale is getting at. As angry as he is, the scene should have been finished before anything needs to be done. Also...alot of filming is waiting so long did the scene take to set up?How many takes were there before? How long were the actors waiting before the scene was ready? What time of day was it? While Bale and his rant was hilariously unprofessional, as an method actor who fully takes his role into himself (note he speaks in an American accent, he's welsh) so if he's in the zone and is hitting the right notes in the scene, I could see that being really annoying.

To add to this the reason I love it the most is.....Bale will more than likely deliver a kick ass performance because despite being mental he's that damn good. Also if he didn't go apeshit we wouldn't have been able to get this:

But as a counter point: Really? Leaving a film because a guy screwed up a couple of times? Get off your high horse you fucking diva, intense you may be but you ain't got no Oscars yet buddy, the guys just doing his job, i'm sure when you flubb a line people get pissed. Fucking prima donna.

Bet none of this shit happened on The Prestige:

Pictured above: A troubled man, happy with lights.