Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Dreamworks to make Martin Luther King biopic

A little while back I was blogged about Presidents and the movies that cropped up in their career. I didn't say too much about what we may see in Obama's term(s) however this bit of breaking news says quite alot.

Spielberg/Dreamworks/Martin Luther King - 1
Spielberg/Dreamworks/Martin Luther King - 2

Now may mean shit to a lot of people but to me it means a bit. Why?

The Malcolm X Film.

A quick glance to wikipedia gives you a quick insight into the amount of production issues that came with the movie.

But now in the realm of a biracial president it doesn't come to any surprise to me that not only the King estate have finally agreed to this, but a studio like Dreamworks look set to finance the film with Spielberg's name behind it on the producing side of things. Especially as this film annoucement as came so quickly within Obama's reign.

My questions now are:

Whose gonna direct this?
Will Spike Lee go nuts about the directors colour

But most importantly

Will this be a powerful, honest portyal of a life thats been way overdue?

Only time will tell