Tuesday, 19 May 2009

I love trailers I do!

You know the deal. New Trailers come out. I look at them, then make ridiculous judgment on them.


For me I find Rob Zombie to be a frustrating director. He's different from most horror directors working out there, he has a strong viewpoint on the genre and his work displays great confidence. However I'm just never pleased with the finished product (save the lucid and lurid House of 100 corpses). The Halloween remake for me was a needless task which missed the point on why Micheal Myers was feared. However looking at the youtube comments of this trailer it seems that things change and violence and brutality win out over subtle and unquestionable evil. Each to his own. But H2 looks set to be an interesting entry into the slasher stable, with the trailer bringing up a far more intriguing element about it's killer than the all of the many sequel put together. It's a little too Friday The 13th in parts and I kinda hope Zombie stops placing his wife in all of his films (she was of the weakest elements of the remake) but this could be worth a peek.

The Girlfriend Experience:

Steven Soderbergh's back y'all and this time it's not another Oceans film, which usually doesn't bode will for the man. His indie record since his first film Sex lies and videotape hasn't been the greatest and unfortunately this movies trailer didn't make me think any different. But what gets me going about Soderbergh and his lesser seen movies is his willingness to do something a little different. Best example is Bubble. An experiment that didn't work but generally got favorable reviews from many who watched it. The girlfriend experience looks set to try and make it's porn star lead Sasha Grey a credible actress while allowing it's wily director go off on one of his indie exploits. Trailerwise this is a 2 minute trailer that could have been shorter. It gives us a tiny amount of info but takes a long time to tell us. While it's not revealing the plot of the whole film like many trailers do, it does feel like a needlessly lengthened teaser trailer. The music was good though.

District 9:

While I don't know too much about this...I'm going to have to find out asap. The trailer is one of the most unusual and yet relevant ideas I've seen in a while. It seems that the message that this film might portray may be an obvious one and that certain people won't be swayed by any arguments it brings up. But hell if it don't look interesting